2500 Harlequin FS Bunded Fuel Station

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2500 Harlequin FS Bunded Fuel StationPlease select voltage required (12v, 24v, 110v or 240v) at top of this product description.

Diameter: 2090 mm
Height: 1800 mm
Weight: 200 kg
Capacity: 2547 litres

  • NEW 2 BSP Lockable Fill Point with Screw Cap and Chain
  • NEW 4 Lockable Inspection Point with Plastic Screw Cap
  • NEW Choice of 12v (56lpm), 24v (56lpm), 110v (56lpm), 240v (56lpm) or 240v (72lpm) Electric Pump
  • NEW 10 micron Particulate Filter fitted as standard withoption to upgrade to a 10 micron Integrated Particulate and Water Filter at anextra £68.
  • NEW Mechanical Flow Meter with Resetable Batch Totaliser
  • Weatherproof Fuel Tank Vent
  • Oil Tank Contents Dipstick
  • Apollo Electronic Oil Tank Contents Gauge
  • LRC Failsafe Oil Tank Overfill Prevention Capability
  • Lockable Access
  • NEW 6 metre Fuel Delivery Hose with Three Stage Automatic Shut Off Nozzle now fitted as standard
  • Emergency Isolation Switch
  • Bulkhead Light 240v Models only
  • Factory Fitted Electrical Connection Point - 240v and 110v Models only
  • Battery Fly Leads 12v and 24v Models only