1300 Harlequin SLFP Bunded Slimline Fuel Point 240 Volt

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1300 Harlequin SLFP Bunded Slimline Fuel Point 240 VoltAt just 950mm wide, the new 1300 litre Harlequin Slimline Fuel Point is ideal for smaller, commercial, industrial and agricultural storage installations where the added value technologies incorporated into the Fuel Station range, are not required.

Competitively priced, yet featuring the same high quality mouldings as the Fuel Station range, Harlequin Fuel Points offer a ‘no-nonsense’ specification. (Can also be used to store B7 Biodiesel).

Although the 1300SLFP has a width of just 950mm, this model still manages to incorporate 700mm wide door access. The term ‘slimline’ therefore, applies only to the outer dimensions of the tank. In all other respects, customers can enjoy the same ease of access as with other, standard fuel point and fuel station models within the Harlequin range.
  • Lockable fill and inspection points
  • Lockable equipment access
  • Tank Vent
  • Tank Contents Dipstick
Supplied as standard with 240v pump, 4 metre delivery hose and automatic nozzle.

Apollo Oil Level Monitor, Mechanical Flow Meter, 10 Micron Filter and Fozmula Bund Warning Alarm are all available as an optional extras, see section.

Length:2300 mm
Width:950 mm
Height:1850 mm
Weight:170 kg
Actual Capacity:1405 litres
Nominal Capacity:1335 litres